Shepard Sherbell: Soviets

The MUUS Collection is pleased to partner with Ki Smith Gallery to present an online exhibition of works by award-winning documentary photographer Shepard Sherbell.

The MUUS Collection is committing an initial $5,000 donation as well as two thirds of proceeds from the sale of Sherbell’s work to The Kyiv Independent to support the integral practice of photojournalism and independent reporting. See the full exhibition at Ki Smith Gallery.

View the MUUS Collection essay in collaboration with Ki Smith Gallery, Shepard Sherbell: Soviets.

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All photographs by Shepard Sherbell (American, 1944-2018).
© Estate of Shepard Sherbell.

At the end of an eight-hour shift underground in the Zhdanovskaya Coal Mine, half the time spent crawling on their hands and knees in cool dust, for the equivalent of $30 a month. The miners are smoking the second half of the cigarettes they lit this morning, then pinched out to save for this moment. Donbass region, Ukraine. February 1992.
In the lamphouse following his shift in the Gorky Coal Mine, happy as all underground miners everywhere are to be 'on the surface' again, near Donetsk, Donbass region, Ukraine. February 1992.
Sunday Mass, Romanian Orthodox Church, Dubassary, Moldovia. July 1993.
Ekaterinburg, Russia. February 1992.
Untitled (Army of the Ukraine officers meeting, Kiev). March 1992.
Near the Bovorenkovo Gas Exploration Camp. One reason people do not drive here is that from September to May, there is no way to follow the road beneath the snow unless there are telephone poles alongside. Yamal Peninsula, West Siberia. February 1992.
After lunch in the Labor Camp for Boys in Dimitrovgrad, the inmates gather in the courtyard for a smoke, no matter what the weather. February 1992.
Untitled (Turkmenistan). 1991-1993.
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